Twisk Shoe Care

Tip 1 | Wear them before the party

Before you head to the party or expose your Twisk shoes to everyday life, make sure you ease them in by wearing them around the house for a few hours over the weekend. This will soften up the construction and ensure a comfortable fit. 

Tip 2 | Save for a sunny day

The first outing of your Twisk shoes is going to be an exciting one, but... don't make this a rainy day. Save them for a dry day to allow a layer of grit to coat your shoes adding a natural protection for your shoes.

Tip 3 | Your excuse for more than one pair!

We know you love your Twisk shoes but unfortunately we do not recommend wearing them every day! By rotating your shoes on a daily basis, you will maintain the robustness of the leather and avoid degradation of the shoe. This is definitely an excuse to start your Twisk collection.

Tip 4 | Condition your shoes

Take the time to look after your shoes with a good quality polish. Ideally, leave the shoe polish on overnight and then remove in the morning with a soft brush or cloth. The time you take to care for your shoes will pay off in the long run.

Tip 5 | React to the wet weather

If you get caught in a shower or have worn your shoes in the rain let them dry naturally and do not speed up the process with additional heat. Simply stuff them with newspaper or tissue paper and allow them to dry out naturally. If they’re covered in dirt, brush the dirt off when dry and polish as normal. 

Tip 6 | Storing your Shoes

When you are not wearing your shoes store them correctly by using a good quality set of shoe trees. Good quality shoe trees will absorb perspiration from your shoes and help them retain their original shape. Preserving your Twisk shoes for future use.

Twisk Shoes Care Tips